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Pura Sangre 9 Lunas

Gastón Ayerbe
Finally I uncorked the PURA SANGRE NUEVE LUNAS. I found theory pure in practice. Many fruit, presence of oak (cedar leaves for cigars) and sufficient acidity to support the whole. A great wine to keep and to open a bottle every three or six months and to follow its evolution until reaching the top.
The acidity is marked and sustained but does not disturb. One intuits that the best is yet to come and that the edges of today are the key to future excellence.
Here I can not find edges in alcohol or tannins, only the acidity necessary because it is a wine with a great ageing potential.
Indeed, elegance and balance are two essential attributes as opposed to a tendency to make very concentrated, muscled or chewy wines, as if high range was synonymous with much tannin, a lot of oak and lots of fruit.

Angel Mendoza
We fully agree on the comments made for PURA SANGRE NUEVE LUNAS.
With the natural acidity of NUEVE LUNAS, we want to exalt the concept of juicidity. NUEVE LUNAS, is a more European expression of contemporary noble wines.
Usually, pH above 3.8 conspires on the guard of some opulent Argentine wines that after two years of guard show characters of cooked fruit, tar or porty wine.
Many red Argentinean wines, called ICONS, are not maturing well and are observed by international critics with a tough question: Can Malbec be aged?
The juicidity, logical expression of a pH lower than 3.7, is a sensation of freshness, balance on the alcoholic content. And it is the determining factor of LONGEVITY IN WINES OF COLLECTION.

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